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How to Buy XEM from Thodex

On the Thodex cryptocurrency platform, it offers its users the opportunity to make XEM purchases in 2 different methods.

XEM Purchasing Methods via Thodex

How to Buy XEM from the Thodex? In the first of the methods, they can use the Give orders table to create orders that users can instantly process with their own values. There are 3 values that people who prefer this method must enter in order to make purchases by ordering them. These values are the only values that you can use to The unit is called Quantity and Total.

Unit: After the purchase order is carried out, it states the unit price at which you want to make a transaction using the exchange rate, i.e. how much you will pay for any cryptocurrency or how much TL you want.

Quantity: Specifies how many/pieces of cryptocurrencies you want to be traded for.

Total: Specifies the unit price you have set for cryptocurrencies and the amount of TL you will give or receive in total for iftars.

When making XEM purchases from Thodex, you can expect to be traded according to the order given by other users by creating orders by filling in the values mentioned above as you request with in your own investment planning.

The second method that you will use for all operations is;  other users are required to take action on the orders they have created. You can access these orders via the sales orders and purchase orders on the market tab on the Thodex website.

What are Thodex Purchase Rules?

It is not ethically acceptable to create more than one purchase order in quantities above or below 1 penny as per the company procedure of the unit price of the order you have created. If you create an order above the day rate price for XEM, the system will step in and perform this operation at a price close to the current exchange rate price to prevent users from being harmed.

When Does my Purchase Order Occur?

The Thodex XEM purchase orders that you have created manually will remain pending in the My open orders menu in the purchase orders table until the appropriate buyer and seller are found. You can cancel your purchase order at any time through the menu of open orders, or you can make the purchase without waiting through the sales orders menu.


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