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What is XEM?

In this article we have prepared, we will explain in detail the question of what is the XEM cryptocurrency, also known as NEM.

XEM cryptocurrency is an altcoin. Like all altcoins, it has no specific center and has an autonomous structure in its own right. It operates with the slogan “Everyone who uses XEM coins should have equal rights”. sentence. It was launched in March 2015 and is the world’s first smart asset.

How XEM Came About

As with Bitcoin, this Cryptocurrency is anonymous because the developers of XEM use aliass. Therefore, it is not known who created this cryptocurrency. The creator of XEM uses the pseudonym Utopian Future. Although it was originally produced as a fork idea, it later developed a cryptocurrency due to a partnership with the Tech Bureau.

Purpose of XEM Project

What is XEM because it has a very complex structure? question. XEM manufacturers have designed XEM from scratch because they see the potential for the future. Because of the need to create a new economic movement, it is taken from the initials New Economy Movemenet in English. The company determines the market portfolio in the cryptocurrency sector in the future and targets to dominate this market.

XEM Coin

There is a technology that makes XEM altcoinin different from all cryptocurrencies on the market. This cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that re-regulates blockchain technology and creates its own unique chain. In this way, diet teeth do not show any resemblance to any of the coins. Due to its intelligent presence within the blockchain chain, it has created two chains. These chains are divided into one public Blockchain and the other as a privately reserved Blockchain. Although this may seem complicated, both blockchain chains are integrated without preventing each other from working within XEM.

Pol Property of XEM Coin

XEM altcoin is preferred to raise awareness and convenience in all areas. It is also preferable thanks to its Pol feature. At the same time, XEM is preferred because it claims to have resolved the transaction rate transaction fee event that people who invest in Bitcoin complain about the most. Among the reasons for choice is the claim that the trading speed will increase as the number of purchases and sales made within XEM increases.



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