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Where to Buy XEM

XEM  altcoin,which differs from other coins both by its establishment andstructure, differs from other coins in terms of its  operation.

In addition to being a trading project as XEM a crypto currency, XEM also has the ability to be a messaging programme.

What is XEM Coin’s Operating System?

XEM has two different wallets designed for both iOS and Android.  XEM is not affected by inflation due to the inability to put a high percentage of XEM on the market in a short period of time. On the other hand, due to the fact that the transaction order feature is available, XEM provides the advantage of being able to process its users even if they are not online.

Mining Instead of  Harvesting

Another different feature in XEM is the ability to harvest rather than mining. Blockchain  technology normally bats into mining; In order to protect blockchain created in its own unique structure within XEM, harvesting is used instead of mining. Moreover, the harvesting technology used is a system based entirely on block production. When a user does a transaction, the block is produced by transferring it to all nearby users of a computer. Investors with 10,000 or more XEM can or  receive transaction fees as payment by other investors through block production method.

Advantages of Harvest by Mining

The computer does not need to have high characteristics due to the non-mining use of XEM jobs. Harvesting spends less electricity compared to mining.  In this way, users who harvest XEM  also save on electricity bills. Supernode feature, which is not available in mining in the harvesting  process, protects users’ money more comfortably by increasing the security of a.


For harvesting, i.e. harvesting, it is possible to say that users take their own money out of the stone. So he’s trying to increase the number of potential customers by reflecting this on transaction fees. XEM also  enables  increased security, as it enables the personalization of blockchain. Despite the complex  nature  of blockchain, it is very useful, it even allows you to create your own payment system.

Where to buy XEM?

You can buy with Bitcoin or Ethereum from many popular cryptocurrency sites that trade around the world. In addition, it is possible to find answers to the question of where to buy  XEM through    Thodex, buy Turkish company operating in the cryptocurrency  sector.



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